Cafe Del Mar


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Going to Ibiza for a few days in a week or so for the first time....wasnt 100% sure about doing a sunset at Cafe Del Mar and am not staying anywhere near San An and was pretty much going to avoid the town altogether, but should Cafe Del Mar be on my "must see" list?
I would say so and am sure others will as well.
Cafe Del Mar, Cafe Mambo and all the other Sunset Strip bars are well worth a visit.
Other bars on Sunset strip in the same chilled category as CDM so it's daft saying you were going to avoid it altogether? :evil: any particular reason why apart from the West End?
No massive reason other than there is plenty i want to see elsewhere and the clubs i am thinking of going to aren't there. West End doesnt help but well aware there will be more there than that.

Sunset Strip was the one thing that was tempting me but wasnt far you ahve all pretty much persuaded me to go!
There's definately more to San An than the west end....
the bars on the strip are well worth a visit if you've never been...
I also like the bars on the front as you head round to the bay...Itaca,Bar M,Orange Corner etc
Get a boat from san an port and sail to Es Vedra- check out the beautiful beaches at Cala Tarida and Cala Conti and the big villas on Millionaire's row as you cruise along!

you can get a 4hr boat trip for 20 euro.
I agree with all the above to go to Ibiza and not take in the sunset at least 1 night would be a waste. I never stay in San An as my fav clubs are not there but still make the trip over 4 a sunset. Good luck8)