cafe del mar & space cds


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considering picking up the latest annual of each--does anyone know if they are any good/worth getting? i'd be paying import prices so i wanna make sure it's worth it...
Can't speak about the Del Mar ones but Ive got Space 2002 nand 2003. The latter in my opinion isn't as good as the former.
The Space CD's of 2002/2003 are pretty poor IMO.

The earlier years were much better.

I would strongly recommend the Dome CD's over any other Ibiza compilations/mixes.
Cafe del Mar 10

This CD is wicked, you should get it. :)
Robo said:
buy cafe del mar 5. (cinco) top quality chillout album.

All C del M CD's are brill, IMO. But I agree with Robo, 5 is particularly special - last track is my fave EVER 8) . Number 9 and the latest one, 10 are also TOP CLASS.

Drew, what are the Dome CD's - not heard of them :oops: :oops: