cafe del mar 90s

Nobbie Q

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Give Kumharas a visit for a bit of what Cafe Del Mar used to be like.
I saw some of the reviews and they look good, and they also have CDM artists Paco Fernandez and Lenny Ibizarre there as well so that's pretty cool. I will check this place out too. Only grip is that it's a bit further away from my hotel than CDM but otherwise seems legit

Dirk Bigler

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Paco Fernandez at Villa Mercedes is worth a visit if he is still there this year. Great for a meal and drinks and love him live.


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I used to have a cassette recording of Jose Padilla's essential mix in my car, it was my go to tape for the drive home from various clubbing adventures around the country. I listened to that driving along a wet motorway day dreaming of Ibiza many times.

Scanty Sandwich

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I feel they have just rolled over and let Mr Mambo take full control. A real shame.
Thing about cafe del mar back then,you could be sat at a table next to sombody famous out of a band,sports star,actor and nobody gave a shit,nobody botherd them or bugged them,it was really cool ibiza like that then.