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Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any idea whether Cafe Coastline has it changed its name or even changed hands.

The reason I ask this is that I regularly check the Ibiza web cam (checking the weather you see so I know what to expect when we arrive in June) anyway I have noticed that the logo which once said Cafe Coastline now says SunSea Bar (check link below)

When you click on the logo it connects the Coastline website, so I am a bit curious as Coastline is one of my fave bars on the Island.

Any feedback would be great.

cheers peeps. ;)
seanbelfast said:
coastline is class :p

Yip, it soooo is - its really nice during the day, sitting on the edge of the pool sipping on some sangria and lapping up the sun - Niiiiiice :D
Coastline is fantastic, i remember last year, sitting in the pool (which is filled with evian water?.so im told) in the middle of the afternoon, with the girls from godskitchen dancin around and the DJ playing some top-notch tunage!

i really thought id died, and was in heaven!
Coastline is definately my favourite bar in San An, I have lots of great memories from there over the last two years. Some magical, some not so magical.

Last year I had had a few to many vodka limon's at Mambo and then went on for a few more at Coastline for the Ministry pre party. Anyway I went to get another round in from the bar and when I was walking back to our table I walked straight into the glass doors. Needles to say I was quite embarrased as the place was packed!! :oops:
Yeah it did a bit, but luckily I was a bit numb from the vodka.

Had quite a nasty bump on my forehead too!

Oh well I know not to make the same mistake this time.