Cable London

Went to Bugged Out there last July and I liked it, my mates didnt. But that might be because they didnt rate the music.

Its quite dark and grimey, in a good way. Reminded me of turnmills in bits, a few corridors and relatively small rooms. I think it's a good addition to the london clubs, quite different to Matter's big main room feel.
I really, really liked it the other week (although the night itself played a large part)

in the design, there's elements of various classic big London clubs in there - although it doesn't remind me of any one in particular - the soundsystem is brilliant and booking policy is generally underground and forward-thinking (basically, think Fabric but on a smaller scale)

the only negative I would say was the soundclash in the chilled area - you get caught in the middle - never good - but that could have been because one room was ferociously loud.

hoping to return on the 24th for futureflash but not sure yet.