Buying tickets in San An or Ibiza TOwn??

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I've heard that if you buy your tickets from bars and such in Ibiza Town they are a lot cheaper than buying them in bars etc in San An.............

Anyway heard of this or know if it's true???

Tis true my friend...ive got some nearly 10 euros cheaper!
Where is a good place in ibiza town to buy the tickets??
Just go to the harbour of Ibiza Town and the terraces over there.. after 21:00... people of the bars and walking around will ask you if you need tickets and wanna drink something @ the bar. Mostly worth to do!

I had tickets for Manumission for 26euro (i had to drink one drink at the terrace), while others had tickets for 35 euro...

Most expensive for me was the Cream Opening for 30 euro and I didn't had to drink something on the terrace.... I heard prices of 36 euro for other persons....

Best way to do it is to aks for prices on the different spots.. and to let them fight against eachother... "You have to pay 30 euro", "Well, that bar over there asks 27 euro, so can't you do better", etc.....:)
Take care tickets bizness

Hi! i just want to warn u about the guys hanging around the bars in biza harbor especially those who attract people to have a drink & give u advice to the party to go (they r not all scumbaz but their aim is to earn money from u,some did with honesty other not.we used to buy tickets to an reliable ibizan guy coz my m8 did it with him for 5 years
In august 2000 i bought 3 tickets to amnesia (free pass) at 2/3 price to french pimp(guy standing in front of a bar & ask u to have a seat in the bar ...), named christophe( a kind of geezus christ,still making his bizness coz i saw him last year at eh same place,in the bar facing one called tango) Deal was done.i gave him the (real amount) money & he gave me the tickets.
The f***in trick is tha 5mn later he came back & ask for about 60 euros pretending i gave him only 1/10 of the money (it was in pesetas it's why they could pretend i don't make difference between 10000ptas & 1000ptas (they have the same color but not size),& he tried to impress me to give him some money & called for friends (the pimps doin the same job) to scare me but they didn't until the police came.A show that attract plenty of people for 30 mn.When u see a huge quarrel in the street now u know why & u can call the police or try to know what happened because in front of the tourists they r much more (i had to face 4 guys & by whistling they can be more ...)).this stuff happened to other tourist 2 days b4 my story) 4 more details to this movie show ask it by mail coz incredible,funny!
Check the ticket b4 giving the money (hour til it works & if it's a real one).
if u don't want to take some risk buy your ticket in a recordstore.
Dying to b back in ibiza 11 august til 20-22 august 2002
I got all my tickets at super hook up from "Lucianno" at Mambo Cafe. He's the fun Italian guy that stand at the podium. If you see him tell him Alicia from DC sent you!
Thanks 4 advice

:rolleyes: OK Alicia !No Pb sure i'm gonna meet this guy coz i'm used to go 4 preclub to mambo cafe or savannah & see if it's gonna B best deal than our ibiza guy
Just another story ...
i met 2 years ago ibizan bartender at hotel panoramic (figueretas) speaking very well french & keen on same rock music We became friends.He told me that next years no need to rent a hotel coz he can help me .Last year i came by with 2 m8 to salute this guy at the same place & told me that he can give me free pass to space & we have to see him night at manumission boat.The night the deal was u got space free tickets if u buy manumission ticket at the full price 45 euros.i was digusted but don't want to offend him & buy the ticket ,My m8 not & made best deal in ibiza harbor< 30 euros. U can say i made a nice deal but it was the same price if buy ticket to manumission in recordstore 30 euros & to space 15euros (little shop selling oil near by space) i didn't went to space this day coz so beat ... Sure i lost a friend!
PS:In Paris i'm not used to pay tickets to go 4 club coz i know all ways to get there free (free pass in right bar,subcription to mailing list this in order they send pass to print,web site 4 guest list ... ) ,i'm sure that don't easy pretty works that way in ibiza ...)
whatever Free pass at bora bora 4 space (paper wrist band),if u r a hot girl it's easier to b in the guest list by scumbags in the harbor than boys (i met last year 2 hot italians girls with sexy clothes (still got the pictures) who told me they was in the guest list to amnesia)
.PS:strange it was written today 12pm 4 your note (read at 08am meaning u made notes from far country ...

Hotel els pins (san antoni)11 august til 18 august 2002 not yet booked but almost
18 til 21-22 in the car (i hope not...)
8) CK boy
I had 2 bars where I bought the tickets.. on really at the harbour, and one a few steps away from my apartment (casa Mariano). Especially the second one was good, he had good prices for the tickets and the drink you had to take on the terrace were cheap.
Hey - there are a few places that do good deals on tickets for the clubs but be careful , coz we got chatting to a bloke who worked in a bar in the West End and he was saying that they get the most money from selling tickets- since most of them are fake!! For the rest of the hol i was quite wary of who we bought them off, since yeah they gave u good deals at the time, but if u turn up to the club and the tickets fake then u have to pay that again! Its up to u! Usually the bigger bars are the better ones to buy the tickets from - not the little bars in the West End!
Have a great time, Claire xx
anyone know cheapest place to buy tickets in playa d'en bossa?

vodecoder said:
anyone know cheapest place to buy tickets in playa d'en bossa?


There is a bar under the JET Bossa appartments. Last year a dutch guy worked there, he sells cheap tickets. I buyed 5 tickets from him for different nights, payed about 20 euros a ticket.
thanks lukie :D

will be very handy as staying in jet bossa this time
vodecoder said:
anyone know cheapest place to buy tickets in playa d'en bossa?

i went to coolture cafe in figueretas becoz a belgin dj is working there and we had some reductions on tickets for amnesia, if my memory is rite, we got it for 5000 pesetas each, kind of 27.5 euros. there's also an official amnesia shop near jet appts where you can find with 7.5 or 10 euros of reduction (1000 or 2000 pesetas) for amnesia ofcoz. this is a cheap solution becoz you earn more money than with a flyer and you are sure to enter the club really faster.