Buying Booze In supermarkets?



Just wondering if this is any solution to the clubs high price drinks? It would make sense to get a a bottle of liquor in a supermarket and then just buy a couple of drinks in the clubs to hold you off. Is it alot cheaper? Any suggestions? Is there gallons of (cheaper) water for sale at the markets?? Thanks for the help! :rolleyes:
yes yo can buy alcholic drink from the supermarket (syp) it is vastly cheaper and it is a very good idea to drink before you go out, however because the clubs are soo hot i would only advise on drinking water in the clubs, to prevent you from getting dehydrated.

water in supermarkets is ridicously cheap.....

Last year at cream i saw a man faint cos of dehydration!!!.....
as Rob said alcohol is so much cheaper in the supermarkets likewise the water. Always best to have a few drinks before you go out just dont get too drunk otherwise u could dehydrate.

If you go to the warm up bars before you go into the clubs u can get a lot cheaper drinks than when ur inside the club, plus u get to see the big name dj's for nothing.

If you go to Eden and I know most of you guys dont like it, they let u leave and go back in after either 2 or 3 (i forget) so then you can have a quick walk down the street to the supermarket where water is about 8 times cheaper than in Eden.