Buying a second hand car in Ibiza


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Hello, can anyone help with the following:
My boyfriend and I want to buy a second hand car in Ibiza (We go 4-5 times a years and waste too much money on car hire).

We are looking for
1) a Land Rover (Defender if poss)
2) or a 4x4 vehicle

Price: no more than £2,500

Any idea, tips, advice, contact to pass on?

Thank you all!! :D
you'll need an nie number.
you should get yourself a gestor to do the transfer to your name if you buy a car. you'll need to arrange a direct debit to your spanish bank account to pay your road tax to the local authority. you'll need insurance - direct line have a madrid office with english speaking operatives and paperwork.
look in the local papers for private sales, keep an eye on street corners where people park up cars for sale, or check the second hand dealers - there are more now than ever before, or if you can wait till the end of the season, the big car hire companies sell off their fleets.

hows that?
Thank you for that, we have an NIE number already (we have a house out there). I was hoping I could get hold of some local website (ie newspaper on the net, or garages etc) to start looking from here and hopefully have spotted some car to look at on our next visit?

Thanks for your help