Busses on the island

which bus??

We always catch a cab from the airport upto our hotel, but thought it might be a huge saving to grab the bus this time.

Can anyone explain to me which bus to get from the airport to get to the sunset bars/calo des moro area (staying at apartments sol bahia)

Also how long does it take on the bus, as i recall its only about 20 mins in a cab.

How frequent are they - we'll be landing late morning, about 11am ish.

Finally whats the cost, and are we able to get our suitcases on board.

San Antonio-Airport (Line 9) - San Antonio-Hotel Palmira-Hotel Arenal-Hotel Puchet-Hotel S'Anfora-bar Boulevard-Can Cala-San Agustín-Can Verger-San José-Can Pex Xica- Can Fornis-Can Puvill-Cova Santa-Airport
The number 9 and 24 buses run every 90 minutes from 7.45 until 00.15 and in July and August there are a couple of night services at 1.45 and 3.15.
There are also three new shuttle lines from the airport to San Antonio, San José and Eulalia which will operate 24/7 for the first time on the island and cost only €3

soon as you get out of airport .turn right busstop is there ok.you will have to walk maybe when you get to san an,to your hotel.some buses do run passed all the hotels on main road.like in playa den bossa.(thats the 10b bus).

the airport buses are made to take cases.you could get the #10 to ibizatown.then #3 to san an.but again you will need a taxi to get to your hotel.you could walk it.but a bit silly going through san an.at that time of day.try to share a taxi if you can.not sure how many of you there is.
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