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Am hoping to visit Ibiza with some friends of mine in late June, but we are too young to hire a car, and I don't think I'd want to drive there, with the number of accidents they have there! I have visited the island various times with family in the past, and we had a car out there. However, does anybody know how reliable buses are to get around the island? We will not be staying in one of the big tourist resorts, but not too far from San Augustin/Port des Torrent. Also, what are taxi prices like? Would they be a good, reasonable way to get around, considering the cost would be split four ways? Any information would be appreciated!



The buses i have got on were on time (compared to the uk), and are very cheap, but this has only been from san antonio, ibiza town etc, and i'm not to familiar with were you are staying so i don't if the are frequent were you are......, but james and stephen should know!!!

taxis are fairly reasonablly priced as well, they are more available during the day than at night obviously, its quite hard to get a taxi and 6 or 7 in the morning surprisingly, when the clubs close as this is one of the busiest time!!! but if you are patient you will get one!!! this is also a problem from 1 o'clock at night time....but again if you are patient you will get one....

I can speak from my experience last year (first visit). We first took the disco bus. It's actually more or less on time (yes, we're Swiss ;-), but always a lot of people. Once we took the taxi from PACHA to our Hotel in Platja d'en Bossa. It was very cheep compared to Switzerland or UK and the good thing, they can tell you the price exactly in advance because they (the official taxis!!!) don't go on time but on the distance. Afterwards we rented such a little motorbike ("Scooter"). It's very cool: it's not that expensive, it's easy to come home after clubbing and it's also very funny (we travelled to Café del Mar with it... It took us about 30 minutes to cross the island... and the ride was really funny).
Hope to see you this year ;o)

Lele - Groovenite.co.uk
Thanks for all the help so far - very useful! What is the minimum age for the scooters? Also, is there a website with any details on them, such as cost, insurance, etc? Again, many thanks for all your help!!

Leon :)
Hi Leon

I'm not sure but I think the legal age of renting/ driving such a scooter must be at about 16 or 18 and you must have a driver's licence (motorbike or car). Look on the Ibiza-spotlight pages, maybe there's something about renting scooters. Or look up on Europcar (www.europcar.com). Of course they're much more expensive than the "local ones" but to have a first idea not bad.
I think we paid something like 23-26Euros a day insurance included. We only had to fuel once (3Euros!!)