Bus Journey times Airport to San An


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I was just wondering if someone could tell me how long the bus takes from the Airport to San An bus station. I've looked at the timetables but it only says the time it leaves. (Trying to work out whether to get a bus or taxi, obviously if time was not an issue the bus would be first choice!)

Oh we land at about 3pm if that makes any difference.

Probably takes about 30 mins,not that much more than a taxi.
If you have seen the timetables you will know if the times are suitable for you,don't know your dates,but I think these buses stop on 15th sept....
Thanks, Weds the 10th so thats fine. Didn't realise they stop on the 15th, thats a bit rubbish, thought they would run to at least the end of Sept, looks like its a taxi on the way back then. :confused: