Bunjee Sling



Any one done the Bunjee sling yet?!?! i'm dying to go on it but nobdy is ever willing to go with me!!! :cry:
No way!! Whats that big thing what swings round next to it? They were testing it with sand bags back in June that looks worse than sling shot!! :confused:
haha - i went to ibiza in may so dont know what you are talking about - sorry!!! :oops: - did u happen to see the cute guy outside the Orange Corner?!?!?!
yeah, he was handing out the flyers for the Orange Corner, blonde spikey hair, slim...lovely!! he was irish and sometimes had a friend with him who would stand there talking to him!! Adrian i think his name was - we spent the whole hols in the Orange corner and so we kinda got talking to him one night as we became regulars!! he said he is there untill october so for anyone who is going to San An before then - make sure you check him out!! :D
just seen it in another forum - works in a stripper club or something?!?! do they have male dancers in there?!?! ;)
Ha! yes but he's not a stripper!! He just organises promotions and stuff. They do have male strippers though, one called Stefan- very very fit :D