Brussels \ Bars \ Clubs \ Parties - June 2019

Hey folks

Anyone got any current info on nightlife in Brussels?

I've got to pass through on a hedonistic trip through europe just before getting to Ibiza end of the month? I'm at the "deep house, tech house, a bit of techno" side of things but can enjoy a night of funky house. Commercial is not really my thing, dress to impress is not my thing.

Got two nights in brussels which includes Werchter Festival to see New Order and Underworld, then fly on to Ibiza. Sunday should take care of itself but any Saturday night discrete illicit music based entertainent is my poison, tips welcome, even if it is 'stay in your hotel, its shit'

Any good bars with nightlife - casual, no idiots, tunes - ?
Any parts of town to avoid?
Any tips?

I've had a look on RA, so have some idea about venues.