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Carry Chapman

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I am a qualified Primary School Teacher with 3 years experience teaching children aged between 3 and 7 years old in both the state and independent sectors in the UK. I am planning to make the move to Ibiza and am really keen to continue teaching on the island.

I love what I do, I am friendly, capable, enthusiastic and reliable and I love to make learning fun! I know that Morna School follows the British National Curriculum and though I will contact them directly I'm guessing vacancies don't come up too often. I think offering private tutoring in English and Maths- in line with the English Curriculum, might be a way for me to continue doing what I love.

I will be spending July and August on the island so I hope to put down some roots then before returning for the Autumn term in England. The plan is to relocate permanently as soon as it is possible.

I would really appreciate any advice or ideas of potential positions anyone may have. I am very happy to be flexible about the kinds of work I do initially, I am just hoping I will not have to give up my teaching inorder to make the move.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Hi Carry, hope you're fine. Have you moved to Ibiza and started teaching there? I volunteered as a bilingual teacher in the British Vietnamese School last year (Ho Chi Minh City) and in Ajial Bilingual School (Kuwait) 2 years ago. Back then I studied for a master's and had a lot of research tasks to do my English homework in linguistics and then, later, I received a PhD degree in Linguistics and English Language at The University of Edinburgh. Now, I'm planning to move to Ibiza and teach English and German to middle school students. Can my experience help me find a good potential position?


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Hi Baumliepzig.
Carry wrote that back in 2012 so it would be nice to hear whether she made the move and how she got on. If I can help you a little, I have some teaching experience on the island. There are many small private language academies here on the island, teaching all age groups, from infant to adult. The work is fun, but the pay and hours are poor - you would earn more than double in the middle and far east for the same work.

To get into the state school system is very complicated and there is lot of competition from young, newly qualified graduates, who are waiting on the list to join. Many schools do now employ native-speaking classroom assistants nowadays, so there is the possibility to get a foot in the door that way. Nevertheless, you are too highly qualified for that type of role... Your best bet might be to approach the Morna School to see if they have teaching vacancies. As Carry said before there is only a small teaching staff and getting on to it is a challenge, but also very rewarding. Best of luck
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