Britain's Got The Pop Factor ...


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....And Possibly A New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly On Ice !!


:lol: Comedy gold :lol: Very well written and produced, even Cat Deeley and the judges (Pete Watermelon :D) were good, and 2 up 2 down with Rick Astley was :lol: !!

What did other peeps think ??


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'can i have silence in the studio please'

'silence please'

'****ing shutup!!!!'

Oh yea, a cat looked hot!



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1 of the funniest TV shows i've ever seen! Hillarious! Very clever & really well written!

He could have easily crashed and burned with this, but like you said, very very well written. He has really 'come back' with this series. Even the song choices were hillarious, 2 up 2 down doing Tragedy as their opener, brilliant :lol:


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Like I said in previous post, bizarre, but funny all the same, I saw he is releasing the single this week :lol:

I liked the appearances by Macca and Ricky Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs (blatantly trying not to laugh) :lol::lol:

Dan x

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I loved this (and everything PK does). Just the little things and the way he links in all his past TV shows (Like the midreader/clairvoyant guy from Phoenix Nights).

Proper ace tv :D