Active Member there have been a fair few mixes for the "win a bora bora set" comp and some quality efforts i have to say. here

but i've just listened to this one, totally blew me away. best dancing music i've heard in ages. sounds like the good old days of bora bora.

check it out -

and get voting on all the mixes in there.

por favor!
actually i didn't look, i'll leave a message and ask him to do it so we can download.

defo goin in the car!
select the drop down arrow on the right hand side of the menu, next to the volume, then right click save link as and you should be away.

I will.. just at work right now and I can't download anything on work computer! :cry:

I really need some new mixes.
Well I wish I hadnt stuck this on play at work - I am going to be no good for the rest of the day - I look like a nodding dog to anyone walking past my office.... :lol::lol::oops:

Quality fun in the sun music - LoGo - nice one mate!!!! 8)
Listened to the whole thing while driving around on errands before lunch. I wasn't gripped at first but it got better and better. Good stuff.