Brief review 7th-9th Sept


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Quick review for you as since landing have suffered Ibiza flu!! Arghhh!

Landed from Barcelona after going for the England game on the Saturday, at 6pm and after leaving the plane was in a taxi exactly 5 minutes after - result!! Got to hotel [Orosol] which was good and alot better than i expected for 1*! Got straight out trying to find Space tickets, no-one was sure if passouts were still around but Music Mania [i think?] said for 55euros we get a free taxi to Space, pass outs [before 8] and a free drink, so bust a move over there and got in about 7.45. Sunset terrace was really good and a top mix of tunes. We explored Space and soaked up the atmosphere till about 10pm when we went and used our passouts to get some drinks nearby and a quick visit to Bora Bora - very nice! Came back into space about 11.30pm and caught Nic Fancuilli who was playing an awesome early set building it really really nicely! Then we went onto the Terraza about 12.30 where we caught the end of Cassius, not really my type of music but the place was buzzing and rammed by this point! Then upstepped my highlight of the night James Zabiela [and apparently Sasha?] James played the first 45mins alone with Sasha not really doing much, but oh my god HOW GOOD was James. Absolutely smashed it, with some amazing scratching, good effects and just the energy he gives. Sasha was milling around but really didnt do anything for the first hour. Unfortunately it got so busy on the dancefloor we decided to pop into the Main Room where we caught DJ Medhi smashing it. We stayed till about 3.30am and my mate really wanted to see Eddie Halliwell at Eden, after a quick guestlist being sorted out by a mate involved with KissDaFunk we popped over to San An and went in.

I have never been to Eden but now i know why!! I felt it was quite cheesy with JS team feeling they had to constantly be providing entertainment to keep the crowd happy, like the dancers crowd surfing between podiums etc. The music was ok but very quick mixes and short tracks to keep the crowd interested too. Eddie was ok but I get the feeling he wasnt feeling it either, compared to how he might play at say Cream on a Thursday. So after this we popped into the back room for Kiss Da Funk, which for a 'back room' is tiny and very odd layout, the music was quite good but we felt very underwhelmed after our session in Space, so we left about 5.30am.

Monday, went to Cocoon at Amnesia, my friend was very worried he wouldnt like the music and we got in there about 1.30am to see Andre Galluzi playing a top set, really warming it up. An hour later and the place was rammed with the music absolutely spot on for my tests. We found a good spot at the back bar, in the corner where there was enough room and could see all teh action. I have never been to Amnesia before but was really impressed with the lighting etc etc! Sven came on and absolutely smashed it, I dont think i have ever danced so much. Absolutely top top top night! I think even Danny Tenaglia popped in to the DJ box to say hi and have a drink which was good. We left Amnesia about 6am fearing getting stuck there for hours if we had of stayed till the end , with people still paying to get in!! Also to note the Terrace was packed too, i actually really really liked that room and would defo like to go there on a Cream or Contact night!

Tuesday, our last night. It was a toss up between Carl Cox Closing or Pacha, we opted for Pacha purely on a basis our flight was at 10am the next morning and we would prefer a quieter night than being battered and bruised in a packed Space :) We got to Ibiza Town about midnight and were really unimpressed about lack of places to drink and atmosphere to get us set for a night out, we got to Pacha about 1.30am to a very quiet club. I was shocked to see how much of the dancefloor has been taken over by seating area, I think if Pacha aren't careful they will lose the big names as the dancefloor looked tiny and alot of posers. We perched ourselves up on the balcony and saw the top ATFC playing, a very tight and deep set with a few big remixes of new tunes [Bad Habit, Blondie] warming up for the Shapeshifters. Oh dear, a very commercial and very 'obvious' set from them. The club seemed to be enjoying it but it was no different to most of the stuff you could hear in any club back home on a Saturday night, Axwell mix of Adele, some Ne-Yo remix, Steve Angello - Be and then the Robin S bootleg etc. We didn't really enjoy Shapeshifters and left about 5, to get 2.5hours sleep before our taxi to the airport.

All in all was pleased with our club choices and how much fun we had and I'm definately going back next year after going "this is my last"!!! Bring on 2009 :)
Good man, how good was amnesia on Monday...
I think im starting to piss some people off im talking about it so much!
Anyway, glad you had a good one!

agree with everything you have said. fanciulli on sunday was something else! the discoteca was just perfect for the stuff nic was playing. his opening track was this atmospheric bomb, which i caught on my camera (will stick it up shortly). zabiela was also awesome, dropping some bombs and stuff trancey edged stuff mid set. was so busy in there mind, but it was going right off!

cocoon was top notch too. best set i have seen from andre, quite tough but worked well! sven then came on smashed it out!

will stick my full review up after i have looked at flights for the closings ;)