Bounce Heaven Vs Frantic Tall Tree's Sat 29/11/08


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We got straight to work way back in April on what we can only describe as the BIGGEST HARD DANCE LINE-UP EVER @ Tall Trees, All aided and abetted by the BEST IN THE UK BOUNCE SCENE.

Then we set about making the whole night just that little bit more special.
With the looming ‘Credit Crunch’ I am sure you will agree a line-up like this would normally break the bank!, BUT instead we decided the fitting thing to do, was for the door fee to be slashed, to attract a maximum attendance.

Frantic is the UK’s largest and most respected Hard Dance promoter, whilst Bounce Heaven is the UK’s largest in the Bounce Scene.
So bringing these two dedicated promoters together will be mind blowing! Can you afford to miss out on this spectacular?
If not, get your tickets early and witness the ‘CLASH OF THE TITANS’



For Ticket prices, up to date information, competitions and videos being uploaded by the week see our Micro Site


Over 40k of crystal clear D&b Sound
Full Frantic and Bounce Heaven Branding across the two arenas
Ice & Confetti Cannons from Bpm Sfx who is responsible for most of
the U.K's biggest show like the 02 arena opening show & planet love northern Irelands equivalent to cream fields.

A Laser show to blow your senses.

Robots bill and the clan will be joining us for this gig, if you have ever been to Our home in Preston you will now that bill is part of the furniture.
Full U.V Transformation and extra sound ensuring that the dream arena will be the best Yet!
System x Stage dancers.
Loads of drinks promos running all night not just for the first hour like many other venues.


Once a month leading up in till the event Bounce Heaven & frantic will be giving away 1 copy of "FRANTIC 11" Their new album due out for release on august 26th and not one but two VIP tickets for this event, Because were nice like that. O did we mention that Andy Whitby is Signing them all?

So This summer sees big things happening for Frantic. They're celebrating their 11th birthday in 2 ultra special ways - firstly with a huge party at their spiritual home of Koko in Camden on Bank Holiday Sunday 24th August and also with the release of Frantic 11, the new album.

The album features mini-mixes by 6 Frantic favourites; Anne Savage, CallyGage, Proteus, Adam Lab4, Pickup & Rise and Frisky all do their thing and show off their amazing technical ability using 6 of their toptunes.
The birthday Masquerade Ball at Koko has 3 rooms of the best talent from around the country - the spectacular main room will play host to Andy Whitby, Andy Farley and more, while the 2nd and 3rd rooms respectively have Nu Breed stars and a Regional Riot! See
to find out where to buy tickets.

To find out more & for all the latest Frantic news join Frantic's portals:

** Can't wait to for the album? Go to



CD1 Mixed by Anne Savage, Frisky & A+D+A+M Lab4

1) Digital Force - Music Technology
2) Digital Force - Overload
3) Anne Savage, Vinylgroover & The Redhead - The Pod (Scott Attrill Remix)
4) Anne Savage & Scott Attrill - Stabs n Tings
5) Technikal vs JK - Take Control
6) Technikal pres Helen G - Don’t Stop
7) Frisky - Satisfaction
8) Steve Hill vs Technikal - I Have a Dream (Frisky Remix)
9) Steve Hill, Hardforze & Pulsar feat. Pete Millwood - Unforgiven 2008
10) Headhunterz – Rock Civilization
11) Analogic Disturbance – Hunting 1
12) Showtek – FTS (Original Mix)
13) A+D+A+M lab4 - Pure Disco ****
14) A+D+A+M lab4 - Why They Need Us
15) Yoji - Techy Techy (Original Mix)
16) A+D+A+M lab4 - Dot It
17) A+D+A+M lab4 - The Island
18) Lab 4 - Requiem (LT1, Rem n Riggsy’s Beautiful Evil Remix)

CD2 Mixed by Proteus, Cally Gage, Pickup & Rise

1) RX - Singularity
2) Kuroshio Current - Hollowman (Proteus Remix)
3) Proteus - Illuminati
4) Eewol - Dawn Of Hell
5) A+D+A+M lab4 - Psychopath
6) Alek Szahala - Iron Squid
7) Matt Lee - How Many
8) Digital Groove - Partridge This
9) Matt Lee - Over 4 Me
10) Andy Whitby vs Audio Hedz - Rokk Ya Body (Matt Lee Remix)
11) Tidy Boys & BK - Shadows (BKs Back to 99 remix)
12) Vinylgroover & BK– Dirtbox
13) Riggsy & Mini Minx - Hold It On
14) Defective Audio - Unknown Code
15) Adam M & Dave Owens – Tango
16) SwitchDisk – Fruitjack
17) Cortina - Music is Moving (Matt Capitani & Tim Stokes Remix)
18) Little Jon & Tim Priestly – Rock The Beat (Pickup & Rise vs Riggsy Rmx)

We will be helping to run coaches from all over Lancashire on a demand basis, NO DEMAND NO COACH
There will be incentives for running coaches like free or discounted entry depending on size.

Call: 07737537219
Areas: Lancashire, Manchester, Liverpool and any other area with demand.

Call:0191 5267241
Areas: Newcastle, Durham, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Darlington, Leeds & More.

For more info about travel:
5 Star Hotel rooms available: Tall Trees Hotel
Call: 01642 387100

Here's a Few snaps of the main arena at tall trees and what we mean By a FULL U.V party



Did we mention its only £13.00 for standard tickets

Info and tickets !!!




Click Link Above To Purchase Tickets
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