Both Then...



Thanks james and babycin....

money is not the issue BUT DISTANCE and time scheduling.....

James do you know from experience or maybe if you do live there what time cox plays since he's spinning since August 2 (6 thursday in a row) and Sept 12 IS THE LAST ONE.

Yes, if COXY spins at 10 and tiesto at 1 or 2am.. you BET I WILL BE DRIVING OR dragging myself 4, 6, or 10 miles! LOL

[[[[We did 4 clubs in 25 hours STRAIGHT in Miami! ]]]]


Apts. Jet, Bali and La noria... (i guess jet and bali are closer to SPACE RIGHT).....

Thanks guys!
according to, he is spinning
sept 12th 03.00 - 05.00 Spain - Ibiza Cream/Amnesia

i think personally you would be a little unwise to try and do both. you will probalbly end up missing too much