Boston DJ looking for a chance to play out. (7/9 - 7/20)



My name is Logan, and I have been spinning house music for about seven months now, and will be in Ibiza from July 9th until July 20th, and I am looking for an opportunity to play out in front of a different crowd.
I will have my records and headphones with me, and I am not worried about any kind of payment in return for my music. Money would be nice, but I am more concerned with the experience playing out in another country.

Here is a recent live Latin House Mixset that I recorded recently:

Any opportunity is fine with me... (Private Party/ Coffee Shop/ Restaurant/ General Stores) Anyplace that has 2 turntables, a mixer, and people is what I require.

Wow, talk about a longshot, huh? I hope the right people read this.