Bora Bora tune ID (and quite a few other places too...)


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Trying to identify a house track that has been played quite a bit in Ibiza this year, the likes of Bora Bora (Andy played it when I was there, nessling amongst Deux and all that lot!), Manumission, a load of beach bars etc. It's gotta be a "classic", I just don't have a name for it.

Although it is a vocal track, I can't remember any memorable lines from it, so I've knocked together a crappy but reasonably representative clip of what it (sorta) sounds like at the beginning on my Bontempi keyboard . And yes, the bassline is a sort-of phazey piano sound, you'll either know it or you won't!


I then realised that the bassline sounded a bit more like the new track by Martin Solveig.. than my piano sound. So there's a further clue...

Can anyone help?!
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its cool but its one of those tracks from last year that didnt really fit in then... but now it does... But now its also on MOS compilations! Noooooooo