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happy friday :D

does anyone know anything about a Bora Bora DVD thats supposed to be coming out next year? i.e. how much it'll be and where you can get it from?
according to gee they are trying to organize a special screening of the film around february in ibiza so we can see it first!! :D


(gee moore - the happiest dj in the world? :p )
F$ck off i wanna be the first one on the board that puts an eye on it ... will have to visit dancetrippin Headquarters fot that ... a long and dangerous voyage ... :)
With some luck i will receive it this week ... Please let it be a good week .. will post review if i have it .. but you can guess what i will say will be absolutely madness and funky :) cant wait to get home this week!

For the first time I will beat Mc. in something about Ibiza woehoe :)
yeah i look forward to this one,...ive just downloaded the i love techno dvd,,.... awesome!!! :twisted:
I am soooo going to buy this one in June, finally a DVD that can bring the Ibiza party spirit home!

The only thing I have to criticize is that the track selection focusses a bit too much on Gee's own productions. I'm missing some Bora Bora favourites that are NOT produced by Gee or released on his label.

la bossa - wanna say it - bora bora
tom neville & gee - put your foot down - beautiful
tom neville - just f*** - beautiful
gee & pigbwoy Feat. Charlotte Fairman - take you inside - bora bora
tom neville - behind the music - beautiful
gee, pedro, david - electrogee - bora bora
axwell - lead guitar - stoney boy rec
darkroom dubs - darkroom dubs #1 - soma recordings
fingerprint - bring the beat back - chunk
G.E.R - bass invitation - bora bora
scanners - shiver - debunk
GLP - bass fusion - bora bora
Gee presents slam dunk funk - slam dunk funk - media