Bora Bora Comp - Wave


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Hi Guys

Wasn't sure if I was going to enter then saw there was only 2 days left so am uploading a mix I did recently after getting back from Ibiza and having a cracking time at the place itself. Would welcome any feedback!


If you click more options above the waveform you can download the mix.


Alfonse (Wave)


1) Willie Graff & Tucillo - 123 Yeah Yeah

2) Neuroxyde, David Jones & Andy T - Balkanika

3) Michel Cleis - La Mezcla

4) Livio & Roby - Grand Finale

5) Marlon D - Jesus Loves Sound

6) Analogue People In a Digital World - Rose Rouge

7) Joris Voorn - Sweep The Floor

8) Spencer Parker - The Beginning

9) Visti & Meyland - Yes Maam (All Night Long)

10) Lady Ga Ga - Paris Is Burning (Funkagenda Remix)

11) Darkmountaingroup - Lose Control

12) Ned Shepherd & Sultan - Block Party (DJ Wady & Patrick M Remix)

13)*Roy Davis - Feels So Good

14) Mark Knight & Funkagenda - Fluata Magica*
Oops just saw I got the competition deadlines wrong. Don't think I would have won anyway but would love to hear some feedback if people have any.