Bora Bora Comp - Uplifting Journey


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Here is my entry for the Bora Bora Comp. Hope you like it. Its a brief uplifting journey of some old and new tracks.

Give it a whirl!!!!

Afro Medusa - Pasilda (ATFC mix)
Jason Herd - Hindu Summer (Original)
(Acapella - My House)
Aki Bergen - Alma De Dios (Original)
Lee Cabrera/Thomas Gold - Shake It (Terrace Mix)
(Acapella - I Feel Good)
Jan Driver - Kardamoon (Victor Magan)
Oliver Huntemann/Dubfire - Dios (Original)
Alex Kenji - A lot of (Original)
D Ramirez - Reminder Of Jasper (Angel Anx Mix)
Dean Coleman - I Want You
Danny Clark/J Benham - Wondrous (Vocal Dub
Ministers De La Funk - Believe (Clamaran/Vee)
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