BORA BORA COMP..........the winner is


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Daniel Fernandez and his Bora Bora expedition. (this was chosen a few days ago)

Well done, i'll be in touch about the prize.

Obviously we have learnt a few lessons from this, some of which we expected and some that we can improve on for next time.

the negative voting in particular was a bit off to say the least.

maybe next year we'll combine some voting and some from a panel of judges in terms of how we pick a winner.

also, i'd like to say that the quality of some of the mixes was outstanding, especially i'd like to mention Logo, Daniel Pscheid and volka guys were defo in my top 5 and also doing well before all the voting nonsense started.

Thanks to all!! \ Gracias a todos!!

I expect to make high well the image of this forum in bora bora.

Many set's have been very good and also to deserve to be there.

I hope that you have liked my set and we meet in ibiza. ;)

Grego I send you my number by private messages for contact me for conditions and any cuestions of prize.

See you
Congratulations to Daniel Fernandez!

Nicely done...

Thank you Grego for the very good Statement to my Mix!

I like...



Daniel Pscheid
Congratulations Daniel, awesome mix and a well deserved win.

Cheers for the support Grego, much appreciated. :D

welldone bud and goodluck.......
gotta say some people where a complete joke just giving 1star outta 5 without even listening to the set........ grow up and yes a panel sounds good next year
Nice work Daniel! I'll be there on the nineth so anxious to here what kind of mix you have for us
Thanks to all for your support.

Since I said to you I expect to leave the name of the high well forum and to learn also of the set's that I have liked.

This way that the set that does this day, was taking the stamp of many people of you.;)

It is the minimal thing that I must do.

Well done Daniel 8)

Glad it went to a good mix, was worried that it was going silly.

Hope you nail it on the day :D
Soon up a chronicle on the day of the set and my stay in ibiza with photos and films.
Possibly the next week, because this week I have a lot of work.
If I can say to you that boy should enjoy as a child.;)
Nice of you to share your experience with us?

See above. After people voted for you!!!!