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A summer time mix to get your groove on! Enjoy and please vote if you like!:):):)

1/ Intro

2/ Chymera - Caprica Burning

3/ The Fix - The Fire Inside

4/ Tigerskin -Whats Hot

5/ Erik Faust - Do Me Right feat CIN

6/ Lovebirds - In The Shadows (Smilehigh Re-Edit)

7/ Lovebirds - The Rat

8/ Milton Jackson - The Rhythm Track

9/ Tom Wax - Salvation

10/ Ray Okpara - A Belover For

11/ Kevin Yost - Get The Horns

12/ Outro

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The Smile High Club

Had this mix on at the gym today and its the best I have heard in ages. Close your eyes and you could almost be in Ibiza.:D
Call me cynical, but the voting for this is all wrong. It is a mere popularity contest and I believe most people arent listening to these mixes before they vote. For someone with a trance mix to get such a big response for a Bora Bora comp?

Anyway, I can say I have downloaded 10 sets that I was interested in and listened to them all over the last week. I have rated and posted comments based on actually listening to the music selection and technical ability.

This set wins hands down and is my 5/5. Very impressive stuff from the Smilehigh Club and I look forward to more of the same.
Cheers Eddie, think youve been found out mate! :D:D:D

Thanks for all the positive comments from everyone else!