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Dj Paul Mac

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here's the link to my bora bora mix, i messed my other link up by putting the wrong mix on it (sorry about that) here is the correct one with tracklisting

1. Alex Flitsch - Long way to go
2. Rustle - Around The World
3. Nic Fanciulli - 10%
4. The Discoboys - To The Mountain Top
5. Neuroxyde - Yebo Yebo
6. Bansi Riktam - Green Space
7. Coyo - El Baile Aleman
8. Criminal vibes - Caribe
9. Sebastian Leger - Le moustique
10. the Good Guys - Get Freaky
11. Doomwork - Lost in Memory
12. huxton Whores - Le Voie le soleil 2009
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Okay, we maybe from the same town but this is the best ive heard in the comp. Builds nicely, played a few I know and mixing is good. It puts my attempt to shame.

Good luck
And also you have only posted one mix, not a back catologue of mixes like some have done.
thankyou, glad you liked it, u voted for me ?? lol ;) there's nothin wrong with yours at all, just had a listen and enjoyed it mate :)
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all feedback is welcome, please this is my 1st attempt with this kinda music. Id be grateful for any comments to help me improve. Ive not dj'd for a few years and am just startin to get back into it. Ive only recently got into the tech/deep/prog house stuff and im loving it big time.. moved on from the electro/dirty house stuff...