Bora Bora Comp - Mark Foster - Summertime Swing Your Pants


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Mark Foster Bora Bora Competition Mix

Here we go - finally got round to sorting a mix out, this is recorded live from a recent night I played at. I cut the mix at an hour so if you want to hear the rest you’ll just have to vote for me! Or via soundcloud

Makam – New York G
Veitengruber – Bon Melange
Mark Broom & Brothers Vibe – Mind Feeling
Coyu & Edu Imbernon – El Baile Aleman
Livio & Roby, George G – Grand Final
Pitto – Feelin
Markus Homm, Mihai Popoviviu & Jay Bliss – Bis Co
Anthea & Celler – Ceadman Loop
Santos – Hold Home
Joris Voorn – Sweep the Floor
Super Flu – Shine

Don’t forget to vote!!

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Being a keen lover of electronic music for 15 years and having travelled from Australia to parties in all corners of the globe including but not limited to; Dance Valley, Full Moon Party - Thailand and of course the Bora Bora beach party a number of times, I feel I have some understanding of what makes great EDM.

I picked up DJ Mark Foster's set, had a listen and was capitvated by his smooth sound.
It blends perfectly to the vibe that IS the Bora Bora beach party.
I see big things on the horizon for this guy and believe he really deserves the opportunity to show what he's made of.

5 stars.


Keir Doubas
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Melbourne, Australia
Maybe your mix was made with another party in mind (and did well there), but i don't think it fits the Bora Bora style