Bora Bora cds


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Did anyone purchase any of the (rather pricey) cds they were selling in Bora Bora? If so, would anyone be willing to make a copy as mine had a rather nasty accident in transit involving some cough medicine.

Clearly I'd be willing to cover costs and a wee bit extra.

Hi Kitty,

I fancied buying one of those 'pricey' CDs but never seemed to get around to it.....if you manage to get your hands on one then I too would love a copy with costs of course being covered by me.

give me a shout if you have any luck,



P.S which is your favourite glasgow club night? (not trying to stalk you just wondering)
There was a atall just by Bora Bora when you came in which sold t-shirts as well. They had about four cds by Dj Gee and were about 15-25 euros each (so a bit pricey!) I got the funky one and the main one but my cough syrup shattered in transit and ruined them as well as some clothes. Drat.

So, if anyone would be able to make me a copy I'd be their best friend forever!