Booking a holiday to Ibiza


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Hello everyone, I'm knew to this forum. :D

I've been Ibiza the last two years yet always seem to pay to much for where I'm staying, compared to people I meet out there. Please, if you think you know a good place to book your holiday through can you let me know.

b.t.w. I'd like to stay in San An Bay this year

Try - they had some good deals last month, booked my hols from there. Don't know about the Bay though- I've stayed there the last 3 years and I've had enough! Gone back to San An itslef. Try Club Paraiso - great location - nice staff.
why not try the hotels on this site. you can compare prices to your heart's content then..
I'm a travel agent!!!! There are some good deals this year on the Bahia apartments (the one's that used to be the Ministry of Sound ones). I'm thinking of booking them for my second trip to Ibiza in September.

If you want me to check anything PM me your details and I'll have a scout around. Depending on what time of the summer you want to go will determine whether it's cheaper to book a package or do the flights and accommodation seperately.

I might even give you a discount ;)
holiday prices

i booked with bakers dolphin, 1 week in august for £280
200 cheaper than brochure
good luck

but are you flying from bristol? - best of all, as it's downhill with the wind behind you and only takes about 1hour 50 minutes - turn sharp right at Mallorca and watch all the boats as you drift in from the north of the island
PS are you going to the millenium tomorrow(6/4/03)

hello mat no i am not flying from bristol going to gatwick the beer is better to get started. no not going to millenium never heard of it mate!!