Book in advance or last minute?!


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Hi there! I've just registered with this gr8 site, and I've found a load of info about the clubbers paradise that is Ibiza. However, here's the jist of my little problem....

Myself and a group of friends (number not confirmed - max probably 7) are hoping to take a 10/11 night holiday to San An Bay end of June/July 2004. We don't know whether to book now, or wait until later on, where we could get a cheaper last minute deal. What is your reccomendation? also, do you know any cheap tour operators for a holiday if we were to book now?

Thanks, :D

Leigh Tomlinson

p.s. we will all be 18 at the time.
Hello and welcome :D

I would say if you are really particular about the times you want to go and where you want to stay esp if there is a big group of you I would book in advance. If you're not bothered when exactly you want to go between a few days and you're not that bothered about accomodation then do a last minute.

One thing I will say if you are booking a package it is harder to book 10/11 days as not all hotels and tour operators do a 10/11 day package, they tend to focus on 7 and 14 days.

if you book now, you are obviously guranteed them weeks, at that place. I always have a fear if that i leave it too late, i may not be able to get where and when i want.
I would like to book this early, but none of my mates can commit till nearer the time. Also, dont know what i'm doing yet for work next summer!

If you can book early though.......prob recommend it
Hiya Leigh, welcome...We have always booked last minute, as we wasnt bothered where we were to stay. We've been in June, July and September, and theres still plenty of choice when you leave booking til a couple of weeks before hand. But our advantage is that there was only 2 of us booking, but saying that last september there were 5 of us. Each time we've stayed in San An, I'm sure you wont have a problem, but like the others said its ok if your flexible for dates etc. :D