Holly G

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Does anyone know what that tune is that goes, "I've found a place, where we can boogy"??

And if so, does anyone know of a good compilation which includes it?

Cheers. :D
Are you ready? Are you ready? Hope ya ready...are you ready, cos I am, I'm ready to party yeah....

Love that tune, cant member who its by, have got it on a cd I picked up off Rob Marmot, and am seeing him this weekend so will try and get you the cd if I can hun. Will let you know on monday ;)
Ive got the original on Cdr somewhere. Ill post the sig2dat link on a p2p network if u want?
I can giv u a link to click on so u can download it through Kazaa or whatever file sharing program u use. Mind u- U could just download it manually and check out all the different mixes! ;)

I remember this was on the old bbc radio with tong, seb, westwood, jules etc

funky little track :p
ill pm u a link. Its for kazaa lite (its kazaa without the ad/spyware).

With the program u can get LOTS of music and films from it.

U pretty confident setting it up?

U at home or using a work/uni comp?

Or if its easier I can send u the file over msn/windows or yahoo messenger?
Oh God, I think this is too complicated! I'm at work and don't have a PC at home. I might get lynched by my IT dept. :confused: :D

Thanks everso for the offer, but I think I'll have to do it the old fashioned way and find it on CD. xxx