Boat trip


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Defo go on one of these

me an my man did , was one of the best things we done in ibiza

was so chilled out and i got a wicked tan 8)
Had a gorgeous boat booked for my birthday on the 5th. Got up, went and bought lots of wine/beer/food and the captain rang us to say it was too rough to go out. Gutted. Then found out my friends flat had been robbed,then bobby and steve didnt turn up to their own night. Great birthday :evil: :rolleyes:
sorry 2 hear that your bday celebrations were spolit N8 :cry:
But look on the bright side, at least you were in Ibiza and not here while it was raining like it was for mine!
hehe come rain or shine, Ibiza´s still pretty fine!
fortunately I have never experiences one day of bad weather on the Island. Only experiences a thunderstorm in the night, was wicked to sit and watch the lightnings over the water!