boat trip to formentura


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we are going to ibiza @ the end of august and are thinking of having a trip to formentura (think thats what its called) just off the coast of ibiza.

Anyone know how much it will cost and where to get the boat from??

cheers :)
There is a fast boat that goes from the harbour in Ibiza Town, we went 2 or 3 years ago so can't remember what we paid. There is also a slower boat that is a bit cheaper, that goes from Ibiza Town or Figuretas as well.

It is definitely worth a visit, you'll come back feeling like a new man/woman :p :D
hi not sure how much it costs think there are 3 diff prices for 3 diff boats ie the fast one is more expensive than the slower one you get the boats from ibiza town . ask before you get on couse i heard that the fast one is 50 euro return but some one might b able to tell you more.hope it helps a bit anyway
Just walk along the prom at Figueretas and you can catch the slow glass-bottomed boat at 10:30 and returns around 5:30 i think. Its cheap.
It's absolutly worth to spend a day in Formentera. Here you can find the timetable and the prices for the ferrys:
The slow ferry takes you there in 1 hour.

And don't forget to hire a bicycle!
There is also a slection of boats that go from San An bay, should you be staying there. I went on a full day trip leaving at midday and arriving back in time for the sunset where we went for a dip in the sea and drank champagne on the back of the boat as the sun went down before they took us back to the bay. It wasnt particularly cheap, but we booked it with our reps which probably bumped the price up.