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Finally bought this album after being told on numerous occasions how good it is...
must admit it is fan- fukkin- tastic. Nuff said!
I'd like to congratulate you on buying this album a very good choice, bit of a cult classic!!! It tends to be only peole with good music sense who ow it, and people who like good music that appreicate it!!!! An excellent album, better than Geogaddi, by the way also check out Plaid and Venetian Snares if you can!!! :D :D
Thanks Moudire!!! It should happen, it is funny though, a lot of beer boy monkey's think they have seen an alien if they see anyone who's hair isn't under 2 inches longs, and are not wearing loafers and ben sherman shirts!!! I love it!!! :D "Whats this?? Someone looking different.... Noooooooo!!!" Hehehehe!!