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15th May 2009

31st May 2009​

The complete, one stop, Ibiza clubbing experience.​

Drink, food, club tickets, club merchandise, free transport to all major clubs, and the best music in Ibiza. All under one roof.​

If you’ve come to Ibiza to do what Ibiza does best, CLUBBING, then a trip to BN3 is a must. What ever club you’re going to, what ever your choice of dance music we’ve got it covered. BN3 is now firmly established in the clubbing world as one of the top 5 bars in San Antonio (as voted by DJ Mag 2007) An impressive list of pre-parties covers the whole spectrum of club nights from the full on, sweaty, banging, techno night that is Carl Cox at space to the laid back, cool vibe of Hed Kandi at El Divino. Everyone at BN3 is here to help make your holiday a truly unique experience and one that will bring you back year after year.​

Pre Parties @ BN3 include:​

Tiesto @ Privilege
Carl Cox & Friends @ Space
Garlands @ Eden
Cream @ Amnesia
Pete Tong’s Wonderland @ Eden
Judgement Sundays @ Eden


In addition to our pre-parties we will be able to offer tickets and merchandise for every club, every night. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will also be more than happy to offer advice on the nights to be at and the nights not to be!!​

BN3, as usual, will be providing free transport to all the above and more. We are now able to offer all merchandising for these club nights including T shirts, tickets, posters etc. from our new BN3 club shop on the terrace at BN3.​

With our resident DJ, Charlie Keegan playing everything from Disco to Electro we also have guest appearances from some of the islands biggest DJ’s.​

So if you’re in Ibiza for the clubbing scene or you are just here to feel the amazing energy of our beautiful island, you are more then welcome and we hope that one of your stops will be BN3.


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Last year every single Pre party was a sucess with some of the biggest Dj's spining some of the finest house tunes in ibiza.
Creating the perfect atmosphere to get any clubber in the mood seven days a week.

In May 2009 once again BN3 will be the place to be in Ibiza.

If anyone has any doubts about ibiza this year then my advice is

1 Book a flight (to Ibiza anytime after May 29th )

2 Get into a cab after landing in Ibiza at the Airport and say " Hotel Rivera , San Antonio Bay por favor".

3 Near the hotel you will see the bar Bn3.(Walk in)

4 Normally banners will be up, associated to which club Pre party is on that night.

5 If your into clubbing your Tickets, Merchandise and Travel arrangements will be explained in full detail. If not then enjoy the drinks and the Free Pre Party.

6 Chill out you ve found the right place! There is a big selection of cocktails and fantastic views of San Antonio. So Relax. Your in the best Pre Party bar in Ibiza.

7 Enjoy the week remember its a marathon not a sprint.

8 Last be not least remember to get on the bus to the club. Some find it difficult !

9 Oh nearly forgot make sure to come back and tell us about your night. We know you will.

See you all in 2009 !! Roll on !!

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