BMI Baby



Has anyone else had there flights from East Midlands Airport moved? Mine has just changed to an earlier flight out which is good but an earlier flight back which will mean either less time in Space on sunday or an extra night and fligh monday. The flights on Monday night are cheaper than sunday but I wont get my £40 back if I move the flights. Can they do this?
Not having much luck with this holiday.
I think if they move the flight they need to pay compensation for any problems occured (ie accomodation) however I doubt you'd get anything out of them if it just meant you had less time in Space.
I'm going with BMI too. They've changed their summer schedule from the original times.

I went on their website to check how much I would have paid if I had booked later than I did and noticed the change on the return before anyone from bmi rang to confirm the change. We are going to stay an extra day and there was no problem doing this and we didnt have to pay any more.

There is no chance that you will get any money back - its one of those things unfortunatley.