Blue Rose



I hear that the Blue Rose is a place that you shouldnt leave Ibiza without visiting. My buddy told me that he got mad mileage for like 30 euros. Anybody got any stories to confirm or is my buddy lying like always.


I have been but just had a few dances, although i have heard of girls giving 'extras'. The secret garden in San an is much the same and i have seen customers taking grils from there home at the end of a night......
miss the blue rose.

go for the The secret garden in San mush better thean the blue rose.
I do not aggree, blue rose is a lot classier, secret garden gets a lot of the San an rebel in their while Blue rose is mostly older and more quality customers.

Shorter taxi ride to Pacha from Blue rose as well :D
been a few times with my girlfriend, classier than im used to,all very proper didnt see anything going on that shouldnt but definitly better looking women from all over the world instead of the dyed blondes in uk,they also know how to bleed you dry went twice last year £350 the first night then £250 the next time, wouldnt have minded but my girlfriend got all the private dances, one of the dancers took a shine to her and was going to take us to la troya but soon lost interest when i ran out of money. the prices have shot up from what i can remember 2001 was £10 entry and £15 a dance 2002 was about £20 entry and £30 a dance, drinks much the same as the clubs from what i remember,dont think of going before going onto a club as youll get to the club without a euro to buy a drink ( ive done it at la troya) aaah memories, anyway i think you see enough real stunners with better fashion in the clubs but thats fast living for you