Blue Marlin 2019


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Since the season started it said AGORIA + SPECIAL GUEST while all other names of the guests were already known.
Now Harvey was slated to be the guest two weeks ago, but that one got cancelled due to the weather. Blue Marlin / Agoria / Drift Social media channels said Harvey would be ADDED to the closing fiesta. So that still felt like there was another special guest coming.
If Harvey is now the only guest...would be a strange story. I'm curious to see Harvey and Agoria together, cause I dont really think they match but who knows.

Well, this kind of thing happens more frequently than you might imagine. Last year the same with Cocoon. Special guest advertised for closing, and then Seth had to pull out of his earlier date so they moved the booking to the closing.

Could be a number of reasons - probably some financial and contractual. Or maybe they simply felt Seth - or Harvey in this case - is a bigger draw than the act they originally had in mind?


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Short DRIFT @ BMI review:

Agoria and Harvey last Friday was pretty cool. When we got in Agoria was playing some pretty up-tempo house and even some tech-house / melodic techno. I was wondering how Harvey was gonna take over. Harvey was able to bring the tempo down to disco in about two hours without anyone noticing the transition. Really cool. Agoria was dancing in the audience. I decided to thank him for this party (this was our second time at Drift). Then Agoria took over again and played Frankey - Acamar. From there he really turned it up a notch and played some harder stuff. We left at 23.30. Hope DRIFT returns next season.


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That means , the Rest of the day beach Bars ( Nassau , Tanit , Amante ) open around this Date ? Nassau or Tanit maybe earlier , only at the weekends ? Sa Trinxa too ? 9 months are fu... long.