Birthday party in a bar


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I'm staying in Playa den bossa in early June with 15 (so far) others for a mates 40th birthday and came up with the idea of throwing a Birthday party in the afternoon and evening in a bar with decks for a couple of us to dj.

Does anyone know of any bars that would be up for it, could be as many as 25 people by the time we fly out!

Contact details would be greatly appreciated, and of course you're all invited!

Cheers :)
Any ideas mi amigos?

Could anyone point me in the direction of a bar and I could email them etc

Yo .

Sounds a wicked idea.

I don't know off any unless u try the usual but there prob to big .

I'm hoping to go out late April . For ever !! So if u want keep in touch and I can ask around.

I love organising a party !!!!!


Sounds like a plan, all we're after is a bar that has decks set up and sound system, and we will provide a big group of thirsty people to drink the bar dry! Ideally in Play den Bossa as that's where we are all staying.

I thought about the bar opposite Murphys, called Tantra I think, hmmm

Keep your eyes peeled! Cheers :)
you could try moma cafe across road on corner from jett atps.i do have a card with phone number on if you need it ok.or forgot its name now something like funk?.(internet cafe).again same side as jett atps down a side street,not sure if both have decks.but cd mixer i would say yes.

cds would be lighter on your cases anyway.when is the party month

or just take your cds anyway and ask about.or try

right on beach front that would be nice.don;t think you can start though till around 4pm.
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problem is that none of the main bars on the strip will want to pump it out at 4pm.

they'll have families and sports fans (world cup remember) watching tv and chilling.

if there wasn't a match on, the best place i can think of is beach palace, sort of out the way a bit and can be quite quiet during the day, so i think they'd like the custom. i can put you in touch.

if you were willing to start at 8/9, then there are another couple of places i can think of.
Thanks guys, I appreciate the help.

Looks like a few options, I know of a little bar called Minimal in PDB as the road turns 90%, but as Grego mentioned it's next to family hotels.

The time of day or night is not essential, jut thought a chilled afternoon leading on to some House music in the evening then eventually onto a club or Bora Bora.

I'm out there 3rd - 8th of July.

Thanks again amigos!:)