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Hiya, I was wondering if anyone who's been to Es Cana recently can help me. I want to know if Billy Scott still works in Apache bar in Es Cana?

We met him first 5 years ago when we worked in Ibiza and when that season ended, we brought him over to Benidorm with us to work. After 2 years he returned to Es Cana... Just wondered if he's still there????? He's a Cockney, walks with a limp, about 40 odd years old, was working in Apache bar... 8)
Are you asking about Billy who worked at the apache bar organizing childrens activities etc as i first met him around the same time? If so then i never saw him knocking about Es Cana last summer when i was their & at the time i did ask his friend who works the season as a hotel entertainer in the area called Max & he told me that Billy had moved on.. Nice chap Billy was always had a smile/laugh on his face & he was great with the children ofwhich it seems that the little ones enjoyed being with him during the kids events whilst the parents were taking a break in the pub. Sorry i can't be of more help

Correction: According to the missus we both met/last saw a chap calling himself Billy working in apache pub, es cana in august 2006 which would've been two years after you mentioned..
Dave, yes that's the Billy I mean.... Wonder where he is now then?!? :confused:

madwhitegiant, no it's not a Crystal Maze question.. It's a serious enquiry!!! :rolleyes:

weloveliam, is who related? I'm not related to either Billy or Dave...
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Perhaps your best bet is for waiting until the Apache pub opens up for the new season & then giving them a call? I would imagine someone will be their before the official seasons opening for getting the place spruced up etc after the winter shutdown. My wife seem's to remember a woman called Jan working in the bar last year & has done so for many years including as a resident on the Island (Es-Cana) so if you are able to locate/find this woman then perhaps she could give you more info on missing Billy's where-abouts?
depending which Apache it is, If it is the one on the way down to the front on the right , It is open all year.
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Yes it's the Apache pub on the right whilst walking downhill & opposite the bus park/taxi point in es cana, though it's possible the chap lisa's looking for has also worked at the other apache place going up towards the Punti arabi area?
I've just noticed your located living in Cala Llenya not far from es cana, what are the chances of you perhaps when you've got time trekking over to es cana & asking someone at the apache place if they no of the where-abouts of the posters request? I'm sure the original poster would much appreciate that..

Yeah, he used to work at Moonlights and the bar on the way up to Punta Arabi (near Murphys). And yes I would appreciate it if you fancied a day out to Es Cana!!! Nothing dodgy about it, just that we worked with him in Ibiza 5 years ago, then brought him over to Benidorm for 2 years, then when he went back to Ibiza, we lost touch!!!
I will pop in next time I am by, I know one guy from there but can not remember his name, can you give more of a description please
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Re: Billy

I know Billy he worked in Charlies Bar for the past two years. He still lives in Es Cana if you pm me I will give you his email addy or if you search facebook he is listed on there.
Found him on facebook and we are now back in touch. Thanks Dave1, blackswan 555 and dave 23 for all your help, much appreciated. :):)