Bike week



Can any one give me the low down on the august bike week, places to stay with secure parking dont want to leave the hog laying around.
you can check out prospective accommodation and make reservations on this very site. many hotels have their own car parks but i can't think of one with truly 'secure' parking - being a small island, autotheft is not a major problem - there aren't many places you can hide!
ibiza bike week 2003 :arrow: 8 - 12.08.2003


see you there!! 8)
i've heard that biker McRackin is soooo young he rides a farley davidson. though i must admit, his mother (pic above) is my type of girl

just a reminder that the ibiza bike week starts next week!! :p

expect to see lots of bikers around!! :eek:

update!! :eek:

Programm 2003:

Freitag 08.08.2003
18.00 h Eröffnungsparty
Playa d'en Bossa im Manamana
Live Musik / Dirty Deeds
Stadtrundfahrt zum Hafen
22.00 h Abfahrt zum Leonardos
am Kreisverkehr Pascha


Samstag 09.08.2003
14.00 h "Roll - in CCI" von VCustom Chrome Europe
Playa d'en Bossa Coco Beach
21.00 h Bar Nacht: Other Place, Mambo,
(Leonardo's - Burn - Out - Contest)

Sonntag 10.08.2003
17.00 h Inselrundfahrt nach San Antonio (Pussy Cat)
Treffpunkt: Manamana, Playa d'en Bossa


Montag 11.08.2003
22.00 h Leonardo's, Kreisverkehr Richtung Pascha
24.00 h TY-Bikeshow vor El Devino mit Awards
02.00 h Miss Harley 2003, El Devino

Dienstag 12.08.2003
21.00 h Abschlussparty Playa d'en Bossa,
Rte Manamana, Spanische Nacht, Miss Bike Week 2003,
Pokalverleihung, Erotic Show, Live Musik, Barbecue.
Is that picture real, or has the boat been photoshopped?
Was there a bike in that picture?

Unless you meant the girl...