Big Tunes In Ibiza This Summer



:eek: Please state which tunes you think r goin to lift the roof this summer............i don't know about you but my money's on Lee Cabrera's Shake It!!
:eek: i recon that binary finary rmx is gonna be big -in the trance nights neway..... called Binary Refined by Neo & Farina (v gd) & also Ferry Corsten - Indigo [another fat newish trance tune]... On the house side of things i dnt really hav a clue. :?:
chamonix 77 strings
think its overused at my place .. LOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEE it (starting to like the one with vocals more and the old layback version of jet streets is suuuuuper too but slower more for waking up after a hard night)
when the p diddy song is played in a club , i have the need to stop dancing .. i hate it , but my feet dont let me stop :(
Having heard the Elton John .. Are you ready for Love track that is being re released by Southern Fried, I think that's gonna be particularly strong ... also, anything bringing back 70's disco !
That 77 strings track is well old, was out and getting caned last summer and before!!!
At the moment, the tracks that are really gettin' me in the mood for Ibiza are:

Kurtis Mantrinix presents Chamonix - 77 Strings (How Did you Know)
Paul van Dyk featuring Hemstock & Jennings - Nothing But You

...and I'm sorry, I'm a massive Coldplay fan, so...

Coldplay - Clocks (Marco V Remix) : I think this is FaNtAsTiC!!!
wimpers said:
N8 said:
Yeah, the vocals ruin it though :rolleyes:
the more u listen to it thebetter it gets ...thrust me

I was a bit like that with "Right On" by Silicone Soul. I remember hearing this fantastic tune being played at the Kiwi bar, and getting home to find out what it was, and that they'd overlaid lyrics onto the track. I didn't like it at first, but it grew in me.

I like both variants of the "77 Strings" track, with and without lyrics.