Big Chill 2003

I'd love to go but none of my mates want to put up with 'those skanky crusty, hippy children' (fair point) and mrs rustywoo no longer 'does tents'.

Have had some lovely sundays c/o pete and the chill crew in the past but looks like i'll be missing out on the enchanted gardens
Robder said:
Anyone here going?
Norman Jay on the Sunday is always really nice!

Norman Jay is a top bloke, I always go to notting hill carnival just to go to his goodtimes soundsystem :D
klingclubber said:
so when is the big chill?

It's possibly the best fun you can have in this country.
(Not that crusty either despite earlier postings)
Lots of thirty somethings (much more sophisticated than Glasto) and no litter (Yes it's true!! They hang posters everywhere saying 'leave no trace' and no one does so it's green grass as far as the eye can see! Not loads of heavily sponsored beer cups like Homelands)