Big Chef meets Little Chef


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Anyone watch this last night?

I was hooked and cant wait to see the episode tonight on it.

I know a few people here have said about going to The Fat Duck, can we have reviews on it? :lol:
It's an odd concept to say the least.

Little Chef has always been synonymous with egg & chips, heart-attacks and radioactive diarrhoea and tampering with that winning combination is going to be a big waste of time.

They'd be better off just literally deep-frying fat ducks and selling those as they'd do infinitely better than a half-arsed attempt at cobbling together a budget version of snail-porridge.

And you know for a fact that said snails are going to have been picked off the grate of the nearest storm-drain before being chucked into a big vat of cheap-imitation Ready-Brek.

Whatever next? McDonalds selling Kobe Beefburgers?