beverly (the kinkiest place on ibiza)


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the erotic club beverly in port des torrent (calle valencia, 2) will remain open during the
winter from thursday to saturday with resident travestie dj carmen!! :eek:

every thursday they will have an erotic buffet!! :eek:

(dont say it to anybody - a little bird told me that dj biff can be found there often
my kinky friend biff told me today that the duo shminky and the northern monkey (also
known as the dirty rotten djs) are every saturday night at beverly!! :p

many of you might wonder who are shminky and the northern monkey. take a look:

<--- :eek:

yes - they are the the infamous toilet djs from manumission!! :lol:

last summer apart from privilege on monday, they were djing at the vibe lounge inside
sunsea bar most nights, rumours one night per week and manoa lounge (playa d'en
bossa) on tuesday morning!! :eek:

they used to dj at the disappeared bar QPQ!! :idea:


more info about QPQ here!! ;)
Ibiza-girlie said:
those guys were really nice!

of course!! :p

they always ask girls to show their arses to take some pictures - thats why they have a
huge collection of thong pictures up on the toilet walls!! :eek:

yeah - the dirty rotten djs are really nice blokes!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

.......... but it remains open during the winter on weekends :!:

some of you might remember their parades around the west end:

Innocent me thought that Beverley's was an innocent little club where the lads and lasses get all kinds of naked............. :oops:
....then a little birdy told me different.....IM SHOCKED....if their telling me the truth!!!!! :twisted:

And I've only been offered a job there 5 or 6 bloody times as I live just up the road! The cheek!!!!! :oops:
McRackin said:
.......... but it remains open during the winter on weekends
saturdays from 10pm :!:

apparently this year it will be open every night only on july, august and september..........
Hi Sexylady :D I think its best if you take a partner to this place then you`ll have something to "talk"about with the other "clubbers" ;)