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Anne and Tam

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Its our first time and want to know which is the best trips and where to book them. Staying at Hotel Ereso Es Cana.
Ah, Es Cana not Greece ! Regarding your enquiry about the medieval thingy,unless you have a hire car or get a taxi probably not viable,depending on how late your arrival is.The bus service from Es Cana is good imo,although you have to change at Santa Eularia on most trips,the problem being that in May it is not the full summer service,so less buses and earlier finish..:x

Trips and where to book ? I don't do this myself,but your hotel will almost certainly have a big rack of leaflets,that's if you like the organized type of stuff ?
There are a few places around that sell trips otherwise.

One thing I will say you should do is get on the boat down at the little harbour,go for a day to Ibiza town...:)
Hi Ann & Tam

Its our first time and want to know which is the best trips and where to book them. Staying at Hotel Ereso Es Cana.

Hi therethis will be our second visit to Ibiza but our first stay at the Ereso hotel..we are going on the 27th June.We do highly reccomend the water taxi's good value for money and a lovely boat trip.Also last year we did the train trip that leaves from the prom road near charlie's well worth a try.for a cheap and pleasant night out we enjoyed the Apache bar (opposite the town sqaure/bus terminal). If he is still there say Hi to Max the host (what a head case) LOL then on to Charlies bar.Hope you have a great time you dont say when your going but if it is the same time as us lets have a glass or two !!
All booked for 2009 in Es Cana as usual but what with Bar 2TT probably under new management and Es Caliu off the agenda I may be looking for new places to wine and dine. Will be there
May 13 - 20
July 8 - 22
September 23 - Oct 3
Tony, Bar 2TT under new management...:eek: are the same family/team going to be there ?

Toshncharon,sorry to say,but Charlie's is the only place on the whole island that I hate...

Must try Linekers..:rolleyes:
The family were talking about giving it up as the hours were so long - for the boys Sergio and Antonio it was 10.00am through to 01.00 or 02.00am 7 days a week with only a 2 hour siesta each day and they said they would be looking for work near home in Sevilla. Amparo(mum) was exhausted and Caetano(dad) will probably return to Es Cana as he works at the Cala Nova and has a few years yet for his pension.

Having said all that, it wouldn't surprise me to see them all again but maybe not as leaseholders.

Must arrange another visit to their home in the autumn if they don't show this year.
hi Tony we are flying to Ibiza may 10th staying in SantaEularia this time but will def go to Escana for a day,may catch you for a beer.Staying in Escana at end of August beginning of sep.
Always go into Santa Eularia most days for a drink or a coffee at Royalty or opposite and will probably have at least one evening meal at Daffers