best time


well is that a yes or a no or do i have to get my sliced cheese out and slap u with it
I'm stopping in Playa Den Bossa, my mate who's been going for the last few years said San Antonioi was full of Algerians with knives.

i never claimed to be hardcore but I am an ugly bastard

SEGS Did you receive an EDUCATION.. i'm ashamed to be associated with a person like you.I wish u put Germany or France as your nation, It's people like you who give the English a bad rep..Will u please grow up....

Thanks my rant done now anyone care to ADD
Yeah, I'll add. To be honest, this guy is a complete waster. Not ony is he wasting his own life, he's wasting our time.

Please, please, let's just ignore everything he says and not respond. We'll see how quickly he gets bored of it all shall we?

And if he does say something offensive, report it to Jonny or James and let them deal with him.

Perhaps then, we can continue with some reasonably intelligent conversations!

Resist, resist...