Best Tapas in Ibiza Town and Island?



I've been before, but really didnt know the BEST TAPAS
bar/restaurnt in Ibiza town and elsewhere.

any great suggestions? price is NOT an issue, just the BEST PLEASE!
el destino in san josé

do a search for it, someone has already sung its praises. it is an experience!

or for town go to rincon de pepe in san antonio (very near the west end ;) ) or the street of restaurants in santa eulalia

· el destino in san josé


· rincon de pepe in san antonio


· the street of restaurants in santa eulalia

:confused: Do you get massive portions of traditional eivissenc food and there are not many tourists??? Is it sitted in a "plaza" with nice trees???

I think I've been there but I never pay attention to the roads or the villages... :evil:
silvia if you'd been you'd remember it because it is an art gallery as well as a bar.

one sunday we were in there and there were all these freaky sculptures dotted about in the bar and a group of hunters in with their shooting gear on all sitting round drinking brandy and watching fashion tv.

only in ibiza
busco tapas

I've alwasys found tapas to be pretty appalling in Ibiza, double the price of the mainland, poor selection, often not that fresh. There just doesn't seem to be the same tapa-cultura in the Balearics. Agree wtih Destino tho' – great place.

And ta for the Buscatelltip! I've never stopped for a bite at that place.
here we are, courtesy of my sister some pictures of the inside of can tixedo
the bar

the gallery

nice isn't it?