best sunset tune



We've all got great memories of sipping vodka limon's whilst chilling outside the sunset strip. But whats the general opinion of THE best sunset tune.
My two fave's are massive attack - teardrop (about 3 years ago) and coldplay - trouble (the acoustic version) (about 2 years ago)
have fun thinking of the good ole times and just think..... not long to go!
Backfired and Lazy (obviously the chilled out versions).....are my current faves but Massive attacks Unfinished symphony is the daddy of all time.
'Britannia' by Nitin Sawnhey played at Kanya every night at sunset when I was there in 2001 - my favourite sunset tune because of the memories it brings back..
I'm a chill music DJ, so I've got way too many to name, but here are a few favorites:

Pandajero- Cantoma
Cafe De Flore- Doctor Rockit
Theme Sax- Jimi Tenor
Paradise Island- Surfers
Tsunami- Sven Van Hees

Best Sunset CD's-
Ibiza Sunset- Rob Da Bank
Sunset Cafe- Cesar Vergel
hmm let me seeee:

Fac 15: Stay with Me Till Dawn (Hed Kandi Served Chilled compilation)
Afterlife: Dub In Ya´Mind (Vol Seize, Cafe Del Mar)
Mandalay: Beautyful Canny Mix (same CD as above)
Electribe 101: Talking with Myself
Jose Padilla: Adios Ayer

have to say the chilled version of Silence - Delirium

Yeah, I absolutely love that mix Ibizalisa :)

And every time I listen to "Camping Gaz Theme" by Camping Gaz and Dig Random, the memories of those lazy days on the beach come flooding back :) :)
I love that "Stay with me til Dawn" too.

I just want to cry every time i think of memories of Ibiza, and listen to those songs, arghhhhh, a feeling unexplainable, roll on July!
Bugge Wesseltoft... yellow is the colour

This track brings back memories of waiting for the sun to set up on the rocks beside mambo with all my friends... really nice thoughts indeed.
Elton John 'Song For Guy'
Anything off 'Blade Runner'
Dire Straits 'Private Investigations'
Gemma Hayes 'Evening Sun'
Cliff Richard 'Summer Holiday'